Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones

Thursday, August 16, 2018

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This project is considered an unofficial non-profit fans project until approved by Lucasfilm / Disney.

We all strongly believe, that Lucasfilm / Disney will understand that fans can make the best remakes. There are tons of talented people with a great passion and love in legendary classic adventure games that deserve to get a new coat that supports latest technology and reach expected quality.

Demo 2.0 is finished. (2018)

We would like to achieve one of those options:
1. get a permission to create a crowdfunding campaign to prove the interest in this project.
2. or get hire by Lucasfilm and create this game internally to keep the license in the house.
3. or obtain a temporary Indy license to be able to finish this project.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is a point-and-click adventure game by Lucasfilm games, originally released in 1992. © LucasArts © Disney. All rights reserved.


1st July, 2022
17 413 signatures!
1st July, 2022
115 272 petition views!

Petition is not a joke! It shows your support, interest and signify that you mean it!

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Thank you all for huge support!!

- Visionaire Studio 5.2.5 -
Perfect choice for any adventure game.

- Programming -
Yakir Israel
Glen Fernandez

- Art & Animations -
Patrik Spacek
Luis Belerique
Doug Petty

- Voice overs -
Professional and Amateur actors 
(version 2.0 is partially voice!)

Hal Barwood, Noah Falstein, William Eaken, Ed Dolista, Tomas Oliva, Dave Dassel, Mihai Pohontu, Blake Lewin, Iain Maccaig, James Simpson, Pavel Dlouhy, Avishay Mizrav, Christopher Holm, James Dollar, AJ LoCascio, Lewis Roscoe, Jane Jacobs, Michael Krenn, Helmut Schottmuller, Tim Fischer, Robert Weaver, Amelia Shroyer, Peter McConnell, Jan Horcik, Mychal Allen,, Indymag, Alan Wilson, Natalie Ficencova, Rafael Ruiz, Sam Dyer, Clint Ford, Denis Muller, Myke Allen, Michael Carney, Tony Teulan, Jed Limke, Wes Avery, Florent Rifai, Christian Schulte, Clement Rosset, Francisco Pozo, Michael Stemmle, Sean Clark, Avril Harrison, Collette Michaud, Mark Ferrari, Mike Ebert, Sean Turner, and Clint Bajakian.

George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Philip Kaufman, Harrison Ford, John Williams
Lucasfilm / LucasArts studios and Paramount Pictures


License proposal had been sent to Disney and Lucasfilm on 22nd May, 2016.
Other documents has been sent out to Lucasfilm and Disney on 4th June, 2016
We also talked to Lucasfilm representative on  21st Feb, 2017
Updates sent to Disney representative on 30th April, 2018