Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones

Thursday, November 7, 2013

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This project is considered an unofficial non-profit fans project until approved by Lucasfilm / Disney.

We all strongly believe, that Lucasfilm / Disney will understand that fans can make the best remakes. There are tons of talented people with a great passion and love in legendary classic adventure games that deserve to get a new coat that supports latest technology and reach expected quality.

We have finished first playable demo and keep working on Demo 2.0

We would like to achieve one of those business options:
1. get a permission to create a crowdfunding campaign to prove the interest in this project.
2. or get hire by Lucasfilm and create this game internally to keep the license in the house.
3. or obtain a temporary Indy license to be able to finish this project.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is a point-and-click adventure game by Lucasfilm games, originally released in 1992. © LucasArts © Disney. All rights reserved.


February 21st, 2018
7680 signatures!

Petition is not a joke! It shows your support, interest and signify that you mean it!

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HD images are 2048x1536 pixels, scrolling images goes up to 6144 pixels.
The game is set for 1080p. We also created CGI cut scenes!

Visionaire Studio 5.0.3

Thank you all for huge support! Fingers crossed, hopefully it's gonna work.

- Visionaire Studio 5 -
Perfect choice for any adventure game.

- Programming -
Yakir Israel

- Art & Animations -
Patrik Spacek

- Music + sounds -
Rich Douglas and Lynal Mereneth

- Voice overs -
Professional actors (version 1.0 only)

Playable demo - 1.0
Demo 1.0 has been taken down for updates
coming soon

Playable Stones demo, link below:
PC version 

License proposal had been sent to Disney and Lucasfilm on 22nd May, 2016.
Other documents has been sent out to Lucasfilm and Disney on 4th June, 2016
We also talked to Lucasfilm representative on  21st Feb, 2017


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  1. Hi Iam from Germany. I love Fate of Atlantis. I hope you will be released the game in the near future. There are so many people who loved this game too. This was a wonderful game for Kickstarter like Leisure Suit Larry Reloded. In the world there are so many fans of Indiana Jones. Thank You.

  2. Hi Stefan, thank you... If this demo or full game will be released, it depends on Disney. If they give me permission to do that, I will definitely make the full game. For now, I am working on demo and we will see. It looks awesome.

  3. I wrote a novelization of the game if you have some downtime to read:

  4. Thank you, i will defenitely read it!

  5. So many People has been look at your side. Please show us some pictures. I am so exited about this game. I have found a site with some strange things from Indy 4 which are never released from Lucasarts. Please add the Indy IQ score system in the game !!!

    I wish you merry christmas !

  6. I really wish to show you great images I have created, but I cannot right now, because my goal is to get a permission to work on this game from Disney. So, better than be flagged I will show you them later when Disney allow me to. :)

  7. Dear Patrik, I am a fan of the old school Lucasarts Adventures, and I think many of us are waiting for a remake of this great game. Browsing through the net, I found a great remake of the original soundtrack made by Rich Douglas (Re-Recording, "London Sessions"), so perhaps you could use his work! Good Luck with your Efforts!
    You can find the music under:

  8. Thank you Alexis! Rich's music sound really good. I will try to contact him, and we will see.

  9. Rich accepted my "free" offer :o) and he will help me to compose the music! nice!!

  10. Best of luck, Patrick! Everything going ok with Disney?

  11. Its still open discussion....we have to finish the demo as first.

  12. Keep it on! I hope you get the OK from Disney, as I'm sure your quality work will be superb.

  13. I stumbled upon this project totally randomly and all I have to say is WOW!
    This is the project we (FOA fans) might have been waiting for years. Your project truly looks awesome and I am amazed by your working speed (seen all you've done since november really is impressive, even more knowing that you're working alone - except for the awesome soundtrack by Rich Douglas ;) )

    Feel free to ask for help from the fans: if we can provide you with support of any kind, you're truly welcome!

    Keep up the good work and keep us posted!

  14. Thank you guys for your support, you rock. I am working as fast as i can in my free time to make it perfect.

  15. Wow over 7,000 visitors on your side. Don´t give up to make the game (demo). There are so many fans of this game on web. It was a nice game for Kickstarter.

    Thank you very much!!! Greedings from Germany

  16. Thanks Stefan! Each Teaser image shows one new image from Special edition. (just teasing)

  17. Patrick you are the man! I regret I don't know you but, believe me, I own you a tons of beer! :) Please keep on working on IJ... I grown up with that game and I'd love to play it again in such a gorgeous edition... You just gained a new (Italian) fan! ^_^

  18. Great Idea of reworking/repuplishing this masterpiece of games.
    What is the current status to get the approval from Disney...?
    It seems to my that you add very much in development before you even have permission,
    I wish you luck - of course

  19. I have decided to show them playable demo, than just the pitch document, which doesn't show any of our talents. I talked to lots of people from Disney and dev biz guys. Its a looong chain, which I have to follow and its very hard to make somebody response. Instead of helping talented game developers to make such a great game, Disney makes it harder... which is sad. But I am still trying and pushing people to show some interest, because this demo is great and deserve it.

  20. You've got all my support for this amazing project. FOA is my favorite adventure game ever. Don't hesitate to give us update :)
    I whish you to finish this project (too many have been stop before ending : Amberfish 2, IJ and the crown of Salomon, IJ and the fountain of youth...)

  21. hello I from germany Fate of Atlantis was my first adventure game and its still my top 1 adventure game. Please keep working on it and don't give up i really hope you get the okay from Disney so many hard work should not be in vain.
    keep up the good work and keep us posted

  22. Hello Patrik! I'm very happy about your Project, would you also think about "The Last Crusade" , or maybe another Indiana Jones Game (maybe something like the same with Raiders of the Lost Ark or Temple of Doom) ? I'm excited to see these teasing Sneak Previews, good Luck and go on like that, cu.


  23. We have started Facebook page for all fans of this great game! If you wanna see all new updates and screenshots, please give us "like" it also proves you want this game to happen! Thanks

  24. This is amazing! I know it's a lot of hard work, but please don't give up, this is a fantastic game and now the next generation has an opportunity to see and experience this classic, revived and given the sleek new packaging of updated graphics. I can't wait!

  25. We continue work on this demo in Unity3D. All looks same or better than in previous version. Thanks for support!

  26. This game is an absolute classic and I am so excited to see your amazing work bringing it back to such a high standard.

    Just cannot wait to play again!

    Well done on all the great work.

  27. Super duper game . I am really very impressed by this , I will recommend my friend to see this for sure . Thanks for share .
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  28. This project looks astonishing, something LucasArts of old should have attempted years ago.
    Thanks for keeping such a timeless & kickass game alive! Keep up the hard work!

  29. It seems a great job, something well deserved by this fantastic title. Keep up.

  30. Nice work!! Congratulations!
    Disney maybe not answer you, and then they will show a new game (with your idea, and his workers) and will say u: oh we dont answer u bcse was a secret project)
    mmmm im scared for that. :/

  31. The demo truly shows that you really care about this game, and what it once was. Adventure point and click will probably never be as popular as it was in the golden age of the genre but then again, the computer gaming community wasn't that big back then either.

    The new cut scenes is beautifully made and adds detail without compromising its original format.

    I hope Disney doesn't turn this down, because this is by far the best Indiana Jones game ever made, in my opinion.

  32. Thank you all! Fight for Independent game developers rights! Don't let yourself down by greedy companies!

  33. Links has been updated and twitter account added.

  34. I just found out about this project. I played the demo and it's most impressive (although Indy's voice acting is terrible, sounds more like the guy is reading the script). I grew up on this great game, and I wish development was continuing.

    However, it was naive of you guys to think that a big corporation that is as draconian about protecting IP, like Disney, would give their blessing and let this project continue. You guys should've never went to them and just kept going until they put out a cease-and-desist. You couldn't get sued, because you're doing this for free, no money is changing hands. And by the time they found out about it, the game could've possibly been finished, a missed opportunity.

  35. Loved that game on a cpu turbo @ 66 mhz... seriously one of my favorite!! Ill be following your progress from now on!

  36. Have you ever consider finish the game, and take a huge dump on Disney?

    If you ask for "donations" in exchange of a picture of you urinating a nazi flag, or whatever, you can get all the $ and support you need.

    Basically, if you later decide to share a link to download the game, Disney has NO RIGHT to know this, because basically, an email is a private communication between two individuals and cannot be violated.

    (the only way they can hunt you is if someone who bought it is a crook employee of Disney......but even can they proove you gave him the game not for free?.

    1. Anything money related to this risky. We prefer not to make any money till its approved.